Fanatec – Livraison DD1 & DD2 reportée…

Fanatec reporte les livraisons du 07/12/2018 au 30/04/2019

Retard mais volant F1 2019 offert… on accepte les excuses 🙂

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for pre-ordering our new Podium Wheel Base, I can imagine how much you’re looking forward to receiving it. We’ve been working tirelessly to optimise and improve long term reliability, implementing many changes during the development phase. Until recently, it was looking very good that we could fulfill our estimated availability date in early December, but in final testing we discovered a serious issue which affects about 0.07% of the units produced so far.

We discussed if this really justifies a delay, but I made the painful decision to stop delivery. This product must be nothing less than flawless! In electronics design there’s always a chance that something can be missed, but if we are already aware of an issue, we cannot ship the unit. Not our flagship.

The problem requires thorough analysis, and we need to determine if we can rework the electronics of the units which were already produced or need to make new electronics. It is therefore important to adjust our realistic shipping date to the end of April. If we can begin shipments earlier, then we will do so, of course.

I’m sure you are just as disappointed as we are, but we want to keep you happy, and we want you to stay with us. Of course you are free to cancel your order now, but if you are willing to wait, we are offering a special gift as a gesture of appreciation.

All customers who pre-ordered the Podium Wheel Base DD1 or DD2 will receive a free steering wheel. It will be the new ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2019 which is due to be released in May next year. It is very similar to the F1 2018 version we just released, but comes in a special and exciting new colour scheme. It is also a limited edition product, with a value of 349,95€/$, 519.90AU$ or 44,900YEN!

Rest assured that the Podium Series Wheel Bases will be well worth the wait.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

All the best,


Raceroom Time Attack Ranking

Ranks will be updated after every major series of competitions, for example the end of a championship or just before a new esport series begins.

There are 4 divisions, splitting the ranked players as follows:

  • A ( top 10% of ranked players )
  • B ( from top 10% to top 30% of ranked players )
  • C ( from top 30% to top 60% of ranked players )
  • D ( from 60% to 100% of ranked players )

In future championships & events it will help us match drivers of similar skill levels to race together.

This is a first step towards further ranking and online career features in RaceRoom.
Stay tuned for more in the future!